Taz is in!

Taz is in!

In October 2015, our beloved outdoor cat went missing. We looked, posted flyers, posted on social media but no sign of “Shadow”. Our 8yr old daughter took it the hardest. She was very attached to her. Even with all the consoling and love she still cried almost every day for her missing kitty.

At this point we hadn’t decided to get another kitty in hopes Shadow would somehow show up. But my husband took our daughter to a few pet stores a couple of weeks ago just to look and the animals in hopes to make her feel a little better. Low and behold they were having an Adoption Event! lol Nia came home talking about a kitten named Taz. So I went online and instantly decided to fill out an adoption application. This all happened so very fast. The next day or so they replied and told me he was now in Norman! (We live in Guthrie) We drove and hour or so, made our way to the kittens and there he was. Cute as can be!

This was the best decision! We love our Taz! Taz is in!! Even my hubby is starting to like him and he is by no means an animal person. Ha!

Thank you for our little Taz blessing. He has warmed our hearts.