If you love animals and are willing to foster a pet until a permanent home is found, Safe Haven Animal Rescue needs YOU!

olafWe do not have a shelter or facility where our pets live until they are adopted. All of our animals are in foster homes. Sometimes these animals can be in foster care for just a few days; others, with medical needs or other issues may be in a foster home for several months.

Safe Haven is responsible for all veterinary care and will loan you any supplies we have on hand (crate, litter box, etc.).  Once your foster is ready for adoption he/she will need you to be able to bring him/her to adoption events scheduled throughout the month in the OKC metro area. You may also need to be able to transport the animal to vet appointments, spay/neuter appointment, etc.

You can foster any type of animal you are comfortable with. If you like puppies but are allergic to cats, great! If you prefer guinea pics, wonderful! You can always say “no” and you never have to foster an animal you don’t want to foster.

If you have any questions about fostering, please email us.

Please fill out our foster application if you are interested in being a foster home!