About Mercy

“That one will be euthanized.” Those words stung as we looked at the pitiful creature rescued from a lifetime of neglect and abuse at the hands of her breeder. Given the degree of neglect this girl suffered prior to being rescued, there was no way to accurately determine her age. Her back had been broken at some point in her life, giving her a crooked, hunched-over appearance.

She walked with a wobble from bad knees in both hind legs. Her lungs rattled with every breath from a severe lung infection caused by a lifetime of breathing air filled with ammonia and fecal matter. Her hair was sparse; her skin covered with lesions from fleas and poor nutrition. A gumball sized tumor resided at the front of her jaw, causing her to use the side of her mouth to eat and drink. Just how far would we go to treat a possibly 10-12 year old dog in this condition?

Volunteers decided this dog deserved a chance to know love. We named her Mercy and we shared her story with the rescue community. In no time, people who heard Mercy’s story offered their love and support. Thanks to donations from many generous people, Mercy received a second chance. She got treatment for her lung condition, proper nutrition, and had multiple surgeries and she slowly began to heal.

​As time passed, Mercy learned the joys of living life to its fullest. She loved the soft beds in her foster home, she enjoyed the freedom to waddle around the yard, and she ate everything that was offered with indescribable joy. Five months after she was rescued, Mercy was adopted. Her new parents were grateful each day that this one was not euthanized. Mercy loved her new life and was finally able to live in comfort, the way she always deserved.

In November of 2011, Mercy made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. She did not leave our world in a shelter on a cold table with strangers who never knew her. Instead she softly closed her eyes, laying in one of her favorite dog beds, surrounded by the people who loved her most.

Mercy’s passing was felt across the country by a wide community of people who came to know and love her as her family did.

The Mercy Fund was established to give special-needs pets like Mercy a fighting chance. Mercy’s legacy continues to live on in those helped by this fund.